Viber For PC Free Download (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/Mac) :¬†Viber, one of the most popular Instant Messaging apps available for free for all kinds of smartphone platforms. Yes, you heard it right. Viber app is free for all. If you’ve owned a smartphone, you must be well aware of this app. Smartphone makes you able to stay in touch with your loved ones even if you are staying miles away or even in abroad with an IM app. Apart from this, most of the people who uses such apps, they want to have the same app to use from their PCs too. Viber for PC Free Download is now available and if you are looking for this app to download and install on your PC, you are at the right place.

Viber for Desktop

Viber For PC Free Download (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/Mac)

Viber is officially available for all the smartphone platforms and for Windows and Mac PCs too. You can download and install this so useful IM cum video calling app for free without paying anything to anyone. Viber for PC gives you a number of amazing features so that you can have the best experience of using an IM app from your PC too. It’s really awesome and gives you all sorts of effective user interface even ¬†from your Windows PCs and Mac system. Following are some of the awesome and all new features of Viber for PC.

Useful new features of Viber for PC

  • Best HD quality voice calls
  • Free quality video calls over the World
  • Send text, pictures and sticker messages to your loved ones
  • Group conversations for free
  • Fully synchronize app for both the platforms smartphone and PC
  • Transfer calls between devices without any call failure
  • No any registrations or password required
  • It costs nothing, available for free

The only thing people always want to have this app is its so amazing real time services. It offers an HD quality voice calls over the Viber network for free. User can use this voice calls features for unlimited amount of times. Additionally, you can use this app to sent text, pictures and a lot many things. It offers a decent UI so that anyone can easily use this app.

Viber doesn’t need anything to make use of it. There’s no any registrations or any other things required to sign up for a new Viber account. All you have to do is just enter your cell phone number along with the country code. By then you will be allowed to make free voice calls and video calls along with all the above enlisted extra features. As I said earlier, Viber for PC Free download is official available, you can download it from the link following below.

Viber for PC Free Download- For Windows Users Only


Viber for PC Free Download- For Mac Users Only


To download this app on your PC, you just need to click on to the above Download button. Your downloading will start in a few seconds and it takes several minutes to complete the downloading process. After it gets done, you could install this downloaded app on your Windows and Mac system instantly.


Download for PC

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