How to Install Android OS on Computer (Windows PC, MacBook or iMac, Linux) : Android, World’s most popular smartphone platform which has grown into a very big name nowadays. Android offers numerous services to all the users of it that too with a decent user interface. If you are looking for any smartphone to buy, Android would be the very first choice of yours as it carries hundreds of hardware options to be chosen. Almost every kind of smartphone manufactures own an Android device. Just for a change, what if you can use this Android OS on your Windows PC or in Macbook or iMac or in Linux system? Have you ever imagined like this? I’m sure you have. And the interesting part is you are now allowed to install Android OS on any of your computer system whether it is running on Windows OS or on OS X or on Linux you still can install Android OS on your current PC system. Following tutorial will teach you how to install Android OS on Computer

Android on PC

How to Install Android OS on Computer :

Users of Android were terribly waiting for this Android’s PC version to come and see it’s here now. There are few reasons why Android gains such a wide range of consumers. One of the reasons is it’s an open source platform which offers a decent user interface without much complex things. People just love to use an Android smartphone because of its simplicity which looks far better than all the other smartphone platforms. Well, the wait is finally over and here we have its PC version which is available for every kind of PC system. Before talking further, let’s see how can we install Android OS on our current working PC.

Step 1 :

Initially, you have to download a Virtual box (This is the essential tool to run this OS on your PC ) of Android OS. You can download it from the below given site. There you can see a number of different OSs from which you need to select your current running OS of your PC.

Virtual Box

Step 2: 

Make sure to select your current PC OS. After selecting a proper OS of your PC, you just need to follow some simple instruction to run this tool on your PC.

Step 3 :

Now you have to download Virtual Box configured Android OS which you will be using on your PC. The Android OS which you are going to be installed on your PC is Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich version. This OS is specially designed which offers a decent navigation through your mouse. To download it follow the below given link.

Download Android Ice Cream Sandwich version :

Step 4 :

This downloaded file would be in Zip file format. You need to extract the downloaded file which should be named as Android-v4.7z like this. The downloaded file weighs about 88 MB.

Step 5 :

After unzipping downloaded file, you would see an original Android Ice Cream Sandwich file named as the above one Android-v4.7z which is pre configured with the download virtual box itself.

Step 6 :

Now, to boot this OS on your PC you need to double click and run the proper download virtual box on your current system, which allows us to load this Android OS.

Step 7 :

After running Virtual box you can see a special application on which we need to do further installation process.

Android Virtual Box Application

Step 8 :

As we have mentioned already, this downloaded Virtual box is pre configured with Android Ice Cream Sandwich version, you can see Android v-4 logo there in the opened application of Virtual box on your Desktop’s screen.

Step 9 :

You would have a boot menu on Virtual box. You just need to select Start button to run the application automatically to install Android OS on your PC. If it would be asking anything, select Android Startup option to proceed further.

Step 10 :

You have successfully installed Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS on your Desktop. By now you can enjoy this so popular smartphone OS on your PC.

This is what you need to know to install Android OS on Computer. It works like a charm and if you are an Android fan, you got to use it right away. You can feel a whole new experience of using a PC with this Android OS on it. Let us know your thoughts and opinions on this in the comment box below this article. We would like to interact with you in future.

Download for PC

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