Microsoft DirectX is a collection of high performance Application programming interfaces (API) which handles all kinds of important programs of your Windows based PC. It could handle tasks like video games, Audio and video multimedia, graphical interfaces and many other. In other words this APIs are there to provide its users a separate sphere which directly concern with the same tasks like DirectMusic module for Music, Direct3D for 3D graphics, DirectDraw for 2D graphics. From here you would get to know some more details regarding this DirectX API package and a direct download link for your Windows based PC. 


Apart from all the above multimedia and graphical interfaces, it provides a rich security and high performance environment on which users can easily run and make changes to the software on which they are performing. Yes, you would have a fully separated environment along with this package.

Fortunately, developers working hard to enhance these kinds of software and hence we have a brand new version of this useful API package DirectX named as DirectX 9.0c. This package is compatible with Windows 8. Widnows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP. If your PC is running on the mentioned Windows Operating system then you are allowed to download and install this APK package on it to take the numerous advantages from this package.

DirectX 9.0C, the latest version of APIs package gives you a powerful new High-Level Shader Language along with a rich multimedia tools from which you can develop your own customized tools and can do many things within. And as I mentioned above, it handles all your multimedia related things of you PC. Below we have enlisted some new features that this newer version of DirectX offers. Have a look!

New enhanced features of DirectX 9.0c :

  • DirectShow feature boosts video rendering hardware of that particular PC
  • DirecSound gives you a new audio capabilities
  • Direct3D offers a new programmable interface runs on 2D graphics
  • 3-D animation and video improvements
  • Directshow decoder

DirectX is a freeware software which costs nothing. You can own this software for free. And as I mentioned already that this freeware software is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Xp. If you use one of the above OS on your PC,  you might be in need of this API package. Below is its link from where you can download Direct 9.0c for your Windows PC.

Download DirectX 9.0c for Windows :

Click on to the above link and direct download the latest version of DirectX 9.0c right away. Not to forget that being the most recent one it provides all the current features which are the most essential ones to run some sort of apps and games on your PC with all the above given new features and new UI. Download it now!

Download for PC

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